$70 60min / $100 90min
This rehabilitative therapy promotes natural healing by reducing tension and pain through specific tissue manipulations. Injury massage promotes improved circulation and lymph flow necessary for the healing of soft tissue injuries getting you back on your feet in full health quicker.
*Specific protocols can be created in conjunction with chiropractic services.


$70 60min / $100 90min
A manipulation of soft tissue using medium to deep pressure with the intent to lengthen and relax tense muscles. This technique is extremely effective to remedy chronic pain in joints, neck and lower back.
*30 minute service is area specific not full body


$40 30min / $70 60min
Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage is an advanced form of massage using gentle touch that aims to stimulate the lymphatic system to remove congestion and stagnation of retained fluid from within the body. A great modality for chronic headaches, chronic edema post surgery, post chemotherapy and radiation.


$70 6omin / $100 90min
Tailored to the athlete, this type of massage uses light to medium pressure, stretches and range of motion movements on specific muscle groups. This massage is geared to enhance the tissue health, flexibility and overall function to the primary muscles necessary for an athlete’s particular sport.
*Pre-event offered at 30 minute only and must be at least 15 minutes prior to event.
*Post-event must be at least 25 minutes after event


$70 60min / $100 90min
This treatment specifically targets and relieves chronic compression of the nerve plexus that feeds the neck, chest, arms and hands. Nerve and vascular impingement within these areas often cause ailments such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, thoracic outlet syndrome as well as many others. This therapy is extremely effective in relieving chronic pain and numbness without the necessity of surgery.


$60 60min / $90 90min
A soft, melodic approach used to relax achy muscles, reduce stress and stimulate circulation in the body’s tissues with long, light strokes. This massage is extremely effective in pushing fluids of the body back towards the heart preventing spider and varicose veins.


$60 60min / $30 30min
An ancient technique derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine in which areas of the body are worked via specific point of the feet and hands.


$5 in conjunction with massage $15 taping alone
Kinesio Taping Method is designed to facilitate the body’s natural healing process while allowing support and stability to muscles and joints without restricting the body’s natural range of motion. Designed by Dr Kenzo Kase more than 30 years ago, this method of taping is used by practitioners to treat orthopedic, neuromuscular, neurological and other medical conditions.


$65 60min / $95 90min
This is a wonderfully relaxing therapy for mommies to be. Pregnancy massage incorporates soft fluid strokes in order to create deep relaxation for the body and the mind helping to ease the stresses of pregnancy.


$20 30min / $45 60min
The benefits of massage are healing for all ages especially children. It is during these years our bodies are growing and undergoing multiple changes. These changes create a heavy amount of stress on a child’s body which may manifest itself as pain. Massage is a wonderful way to relax a restless baby and/or child as well as enhance the growth of muscle tissue and health of internal organ function.
*60 minute available for children over 10 years of age


$65 60min
Traditionally an energy modality, this technique uses extremely light pressure to the head, face, neck and sacral region to aide in multiple dysfunctions within the body. This type of massage brings intense relaxation for the client while gently releasing impingement and restoring balance within the central nervous system.