Pregnancy is a wonderful thing if your muscles and joints can shift and bear all the
changes that are about to occur. Unfortunately, that’s a different story for my body.

As early as 14 weeks I began to notice shooting pains radiating down my left and right
legs, more down the left leg though. These pains were so intense I could barely walk after
laying on the couch or getting out of bed. The pain then started in my lower back area,
what I would call my sciatica area. I was already becoming very uncomfortable.

By 16 weeks I started a new job which takes a lot of use of my core muscles…with
me not strengthening my core muscles before pregnancy and me being pregnant these
muscles were hurting all the time. The pain was so bad I was starting to lose sleep.

At 17 weeks I had my first prenatal massage, a much needed massage at this point. I
was very thankful Ang knew all about prenatal massage, and positions to place me in.
I was explaining all my aches and pains to her, and she knew all the areas that were my
troublesome spots before I could tell her. She did inform me that it is not so much my
sciatica causing these pains I am experiencing but rather the piriformis muscle which
the sciatic nerve passes through it. Man, did she work the knots out of these areas! While
concentrating mainly on the back muscles, she still found time to do a full body massage.
There were places on my body I didn’t even know had knots that were hurting me, until
she got in there and rubbed them out.

I have to say after the massage I instantly felt better, a little sore, but much better. Then
next day I was sore from head to toe like I had just ran a marathon, however, I jumped
right out of bed. That was the first time I could actually get up and walk without hurting
and I wasn’t stiff like I was before. Later that day I was laying on the couch enjoying
my day off and when I was going to get up I braced myself for the pain of standing
up and walking, and nothing, no pain, could it be, I was healed. Went to work that
Monday and felt great, I actually could do my job without my aches in pains in the back
interrupting me. I praised Ang for the next 2 weeks, but slowly but surely all the knots
starts working their way back in, I need to stay on a routine for getting massages, I am
a firm believer of receiving prenatal massages during pregnancy just to help the body
accommodate to all the changes it is enduring.

Julie Thomsen, Client