Dusty’s Patient Testimonials

Dusty’s Patient Testimonials for Massage Therapy

Chris J.

I have been seeing Dusty now for over a year and she has done a phenomenal job in helping me come back from a debilitating back injury. With her working directly with Dr. Welch in assessing my injury, she put together a plan to help me rehab back to full strength. Her attention to detail, and her caring nature makes the massage process a relaxing experience. She speaks with me during the massage to make sure she does not miss anything, or to put the focus on a certain area of my body that is experiencing the most discomfort. I would highly recommend Dusty as a massage therapist and will continue to see her!

Elizabeth P.

Dusty is a very skilled masseuse and she has helped to ameliorate my chronic pain issues. Dusty is also a kind and sweet person, and she is a joy to be around.

Traci S.

Massage Therapy is what I do for myself. I look forward to it once a month and sometime twice a month. It’s a treat. Good for my body and soul. Dusty is the best. I have tried others when Dusty isn’t available and they don’t compare. I have been with Dusty now for six years and highly recommend her to anyone wanting an amazing massage.

Dr. James LoConte

I’ve been seeing Dusty for massage over the last few years and she’s really helped keep me in shape. Dusty’s therapeutic massage skills are intuitive and her knowledge of the body is amazing. I highly recommend Dusty!