Why I do what I do

I have recently had the privilege to work with a remarkable young patient. My patient
is a three year old diagnosed with transverse myelitis at the age of 9 months rendering
her paralyzed. Since diagnosis this youngster has been poked, prodded, trached, you
name it. All procedure have been necessary and aided in her healing but could you
imagine how it would effect you if any touch administered by a stranger was a negative
one. My job is to reduce her pain, introduce healthy touch, enhance tone to musculature
and most importantly document any reaction to touch she may have. I expected this
child to be apprehensive to me, a total stranger that to her was probably going to inflict
more discomfort and pain. Instead, our first meeting she looked up at me with beautiful
brown eyes and smiled. Her strength and courage was beyond inspiring. She is reacting
wonderfully to massage and the joy I experience every time I work with her is so
fulfilling I have troubles finding the words. This little being is teaching me so much about
life and courage.

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