Massage Therapy


As a long distance runner, I find myself in the need of regular massage therapy. I need therapeutic, deep tissue, sports massages. Prior to seeing Angelique, I had given up on finding a local masseuse that could help me. I was frustrated that my massages varied so much in consistency that I retired myself to only receiving the occasional “relaxing massage”, instead of expecting any healing or injury prevention to occur.

Angelique came highly recommended by my wife, who had been having some major sciatica causing pain in her lower back, down her leg and into her foot. Through the help of Angelique’s massage therapy and some chiropractic visits, my wife finally was able to feel some relief for the first time since being pregnant with the first of our three children.

During my first appointment with Angelique, I was having some problems with my IT band and was having trouble training for an upcoming race. She not only helped work on my IT band but was able to identify the root cause of my issue as well as help me with some additional stretching that ultimately helped resolve the issue.

Since my first visit, I have made an effort to see Angelique on a regular basis. She has helped me with several issues and has been my saving grace when it comes to staying healthy and keeping my body feeling good.

I believe Angelique to be “one-of-a-kind”. She has such a passion for what she does and does it better than anyone I’ve come across.


At nine months old, my beautiful and vibrant baby girl was struck with an extremely rare and life-altering condition called Transverse Myelitis. This condition rendered her healthy little body, which was just beginning to roll around, sit up and crawl – completely paralyzed; it also began a never-ending journey of meeting with countless doctors, specialists and therapists.

The first year after my sweet Ella’s diagnosis was nothing less of horrific! Ella’s small and fragile body experienced unbearable trauma after trauma. When a family member suggested therapeutic massage for Ella and recommended Ang, I was admittedly weary of exposing Ella to one more therapist and at the time, stranger, in an already long and growing list of people involved in Ella’s healing.

From our first massage with Ang, I knew she wouldn’t be a stranger in Ella’s life for long. Her expertise and professionalism were evident immediately, but what captured our hearts was her sense of love and compassion for what she does and for truly wanting to help individuals. Ang got to know Ella – not just her massage needs…her story, her personality, her family and interests. Unfortunately, because some of Ella’s muscles have atrophied and contractures have formed in her joints, her massage can be uncomfortable and even a little painful. In anyone else’s care I’d be on edge, but not with Ang. She consistently makes Ella feel safe and because she knows her so well, can distract her with cute and silly questions and stories.

Ella’s healing is a journey and with each massage, Ang reminds me that she understands this and that her commitment extends beyond the massage session. She consistently communicates the changes she sees in Ella’s growing body and she makes it a priority to show and teach me how to continue helping Ella beyond the massage. I trust Ang’s knowledge wholeheartedly and consider Ella’s time with her a sacred and invaluable part of her healing. I will forever be grateful that she became part of Team-Ella!


I have been a client of Angelique’s for many years. There are a lot of “generic” massage therapists around, but there are very few that have the education credentials, experience, and knowledge of the body that Angelique has. Plus, she is a fun and awesome person! Every treatment I get makes my active body feel amazing. Thanks for helping my body feel better for all these years!


Prior to the delivery of my son, I received a pregnancy massage from Angelique every three to four weeks for my entire pregnancy. I don’t know how I would have tolerated the aches, pains and discomforts of pregnancy without her. I work in a salon as a hairdresser and my job requires me to stand all day. I experienced a lot of back and hip pain as a result. If it wasn’t for the relief I got from massage I wouldn’t have been able to work until the time I delivered. The hip pain I experienced made it nearly impossible for me to sleep on my sides. Angelique was able to provide me with relief so I was able to sleep.

Angelique has such a genuine care and concern for her clients that carries over in the therapy she provides. I have recommended her services to many of my pregnant friends. I believe that the services she provides are invaluable. I couldn’t have survived pregnancy without her!


Pregnancy is a wonderful thing if your muscles and joints can shift and bear all the changes that are about to occur. Unfortunately, that’s a different story for my body. As early as 14 weeks I began to notice shooting pains radiating down my left and right legs, with my left being especially painful. These pains were so intense I could barely walk after laying on the couch or getting out of bed. The pain then started in my lower back/sciatica area. It was early in my pregnancy and I was already becoming very uncomfortable.

By 16 weeks I started a new job which required a lot of use of my core muscles. Since I had not strengthened my core muscles before pregnancy, these muscles were hurting all the time. The pain was so bad that I was starting to lose sleep.

At 17 weeks I had my first prenatal massage, a much needed massage at this point. I was very thankful Ang knew all about prenatal massage, and positions to place me in. I was explaining all my aches and pains to her, and she knew all the areas that were my troublesome spots before I could tell her. She did inform me that it was not so much my sciatica causing these pains, but rather the piriformis muscle which the sciatic nerve passes through. Man, did she work the knots out of these areas! While concentrating mainly on the back muscles, she still found time to do a full body massage. There were places on my body I didn’t even know had knots that were hurting me, until she got in there and rubbed them out.

I have to say after the massage I instantly felt better, a little sore, but much better. Then next day I was sore from head to toe like I had just ran a marathon, however, I jumped right out of bed. That was the first time I could actually get up and walk without hurting and I wasn’t stiff like I was before. Later that day I was laying on the couch enjoying my day off, when I braced myself for the pain of standing up and walking. However, when I got up I felt no pain! I felt healed!

I went to work that Monday and felt great. I could actually do my job without aches and pains in my back interrupting me. I stayed on a routine for getting massages during and after my pregnancy and am a firm believer in the power of massage!



We practice clinical massage which means our therapists are specially trained and certified in injury massage, treating chronic pain, helping speed and aid recovery, and oncology and pregnancy massage.


In an age of technical and impersonal medicine, massage offers a drug-free, noninvasive and humanistic approach based on the body’s natural ability to heal itself. And research continues to show the enormous benefits of touch.